Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time's Giving me Bhindi again! F***in I hate bhindi

Its Time! Yet again, time to see what has already shocked our world ! Our world of friendship, of truth and lies, of cakes and gifts ,of hatred and love. Remember the chill in spine, when the college ended. Its back again, but in a different way and much worse. The sole survivors from NCR of our gang are moving. Moving to start a new life, leaving back just one leaf behind from the herb.

Its a feeling that can only be described in terms of food. Its, as if you are forced to eat something you don't like, in fact hate! Daily! Scary?

Well for me, I would have to adapt to start eating bhindi now. Its the closest I can think of this mayhem brought upon me by these MNCs. I think we were much better without them, at least we were close to someone! Our families at least.

A kid when gets away from home forms a new family! Family of nerds and geeks! Smart log bhi banate honge friends? Sorry no idea about 'em! And now when he's done with his studies, is forced to make his living. A living to maybe live alone ! Out there in the jungle like a chicken. Me not chicken! but a Lion too can be alone. Just imagine no parties, no fun.

God bless Bhindi, and God bless ME!!


  1. dekh bhai din badlenge bhindi ke baad chicken milega , paneer milega or may be chole bhature.
    times do change!!
    aur picture abhi baki hai mere dost!!

  2. Ye baat!!!
    muhn mein paani a gaya!

  3. koi nahi bhai apna favourite pic dekh lia kar ........
    fikar not ........

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