Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Growing Up

Growing up is scary.
It's scary as hell!
when you don't like people of your age,
When they talk of mortgage,
When they talk of gold rates,
And most of all marriage.

It's scary to see fresh graduates in office
Much more zeal and don't care attitude 
It's scary when they don't talk of mortgages
When they still want to watch each stupid movie
Mock every possible person in office
It's scary!

But then you look back what friends you earned
You look back the friend you grew up with
The ones who got married while you are still a bachelor :)
Hell sure it's not easy to grow up but
It's sure is fun when you guys are around


Monday, September 7, 2015


दिमाग गुम जाता है इतनी पूजा देख कर।
अपने मित्रो को सिर्फ एक दिन के लिए पंडित बनते देख कर।
मांस मदिरा में स्नान करने वालो को, आज राम राम करते देख कर।
दोस्तों के ढकोसले, बीवी के व्रत और माँ की मूर्ति स्थापना देख कर।

करे क्या इन्सां , जिसे सिर्फ मस्त रहने की इच्छा है,
मद मस्त होके बहने की इच्छा है ?
 नहींमिलूंगा दोस्तों को पार्टी के लिए,
कह दूंगा उन्हें की जाओ अब सन्यास ही लेलो।
मंदिरों में घूमो, संत बन जाओ

अब और लिखना नहीं होगा,
जब तक बियर पीना नहीं होगा,
बियर ही सच्चाई है , गहराई है।  
इस दिल की ठंडक है, इस दिल की होसला इ अफ़ज़ाई है।

Thursday, August 20, 2015


समझ नहीं आ  रहा इसे क्या बोलू। अजीब से कश्मकश है येह। 
कहता था बड़ा मैं, की नहीं बिकूंगा कभी। 
 लो आज मैं बिक गया। 
गाली दी थी जिन्हें, उन्ही के लिए लिख गया। 
लगता था की सारी  चालें समझता हूँ इन मार्केटिंग वालो की, 
लो आज उन्ही से बिक गया। 

दोस्त है मेरा एक, परेशान है बड़ा,
'३जि' है उसके पास, कहता है 'इ' भी नहीं आता। 
मैंने कहाँ मियाँ, चाल है कंपनी वालो की ४ जी जो बेचना है. 
अपने ४ को बढ़ने वास्ते उन्हें तुमसे ३ जो खीचना है। 

हाँ तो कह रहा था मैं भी कुछ, की मैं किस तरह बिक गया,
आज उसी ४जि की खातिर ये ब्लॉग लिख गया। 
समझ आई है आज इंसान की फितरत ,
कोई बिकता है रोटी को, कोई आज इंटरनेट के लिए बिक गया। 

विडम्बना है येह समय की, कि मैं चंद सिक्को मैं बिक गया। 
कि मैं चंद सिक्को मैं बिक गया।
~ शायर ए डोग्गेर्लीमी

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Barf, I Rap!

Like a dragon I barf out,
I'm gonna burn ur house down.
don't mess with me u fckin Ahole,
you don't know me, yeah I fart too!

Give me beer, give me food,
I'm gonna be a barf factory yo 
keep patience if u not getting it,
but it is next best thing, if u know what i mean,
it is. Trust me. Not one of those HR shits,
but the one I have in Beer and Beer in me.

Now u r talking, beer is kicking in.
Like Victor gets his blood, [Underworld]
you too get your revival!

Don't be mean, share it up buddy.
we can talk barf now,
u are baptized, ur soul is cleansed.
Its the ultimate prize, the ultimate love,
I call it love in first sip. 

U can be wind, loose all
loose everything that binds you to this earth and be the wind,
Enter that void, and be free
Just you and beer, and that is all!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

For once give yourself away!!!

For once give yourself away.
Let the control fly, feel free
Listen whats around, whats in the air,
the vibes are around, waiting to rebound,
from the spells of soul, heart speaks it sound,
One source one ground, is it beer or I'm drowned???

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To my most Loyal FRIEND

Oh, the sweetness of the bitter world,
You hit like a wave on my pores. (Throat == Shores == Pores)
Thou shall live BEER,
Thou shall survive.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am just Happy

I guess today I came to know the real need of blog writing. People do become writers and poets in pain and agony. But i'm writing becouse I'm happy. Today I found something I was desperately looking for the past 2 days in my office.

I finally got a DSO with USB interface and its drivers. And I'm so happy that I started writing before finishing the installation. For all those of you, who have ever dreamed of having a personal Oscilloscope, My Techtronix TDS 2002B is like a big Fat American Dream, waiting to be saved in .bmp formats in my systems hard disk. Oh man, I feel as if i have got the biggest smile on my face today I have ever joined my job.
Though in my whole carrer (just an year and few months old) I have seen big gizmos and devices those techies would love to play with.. but this one's under my arm..I can play with it as much as i like.

I may be sounding like a begger who's just off the street got a priya scooter, to many of you. But believe I'm happy and on the top of the world.