Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am just Happy

I guess today I came to know the real need of blog writing. People do become writers and poets in pain and agony. But i'm writing becouse I'm happy. Today I found something I was desperately looking for the past 2 days in my office.

I finally got a DSO with USB interface and its drivers. And I'm so happy that I started writing before finishing the installation. For all those of you, who have ever dreamed of having a personal Oscilloscope, My Techtronix TDS 2002B is like a big Fat American Dream, waiting to be saved in .bmp formats in my systems hard disk. Oh man, I feel as if i have got the biggest smile on my face today I have ever joined my job.
Though in my whole carrer (just an year and few months old) I have seen big gizmos and devices those techies would love to play with.. but this one's under my arm..I can play with it as much as i like.

I may be sounding like a begger who's just off the street got a priya scooter, to many of you. But believe I'm happy and on the top of the world.


  1. bahut sahi munna ...........
    waise mere ko pata hai ................

  2. sahi h be....tu bhi kya yaad karega...poori job me koi to din aisa tha jab tu office me khush tha...cheers!!

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