Monday, November 17, 2008

Part 13

thinking Heart, pumping Mind

College Life has been a real challenge for me. Not the studies, but people. People I lived with, ate with, enjoyed for these years have been mysterious to me sometimes. The way they would act at situations, which I would completely get crazy at are most surprising. And so is vice-verse. I've met people with brains, a lot of brains. So much of that thinking liquid in their skull, enough to flood a village full of happiness. People would think what other may think of them. And then each step is preplanned, as if they aren't living, they are fighting. Don't know what they fought for, but it was sure enough that I was becoming one of them. Leastwise I could understand whats going on! Yet I got caught between fights of my own friends.

And in all this I found someone, who wasn't corrupt yet. No mind games. Just heart. Do what ever you feel has been the mantra. I'm talking about champ*, yeah he surely is. Its not everybody's cup of tea to let loose themselves even if they aren't drunk! Big thing! But one thing he's always sure of is, that he's not sure of anything. Clueless!... I mean how can someone be so cool and confusing at the same time? You should see his work when he's thought of doing it. Perfect.

Adding to this he's an extravagant! He himself doesn't know where he's spent it. Though most of his shopping's done from Atta! That is not all. Our group comes into real trouble if me and champ* are sent to do shopping for the flat. The contry stuff. Ration. We would get all the weird stuff but not the required one.

Time's changing now! The outside world corrupts you. You start thinking, saving, and stop having fun, clean fun that those years gave us. What has not changed yet, is the friendship.

And a little piece of advice. Stay away from his Bike! And Oh! yes, he sings well too!! ;)

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