Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Part 9

Some dishes that went undigested!!

MATHS! Not everyone's mouth waters at it! In fact many of us couldn't deny the fact it is something hard to digest. Maths was love to me, but someone who's angry from the system wouldn't care to study even if its a matter of life and death! which by the way i mean 'pass and fail'.

The chap is happy, he's finally got a hobby that would go with him for life time. But he couldn't do all his classes, why would he. There's nothing that he understands or learns in his classroom. Except for the fact that 'Boss is always right, even if he is wrong the first rule applies'. Assignments are necessary so are attendance, but what is not necessary is you learns something or not. The chap wasn't dumb throughout his life. The only crime he committed was questioning and doing things on his own. Doing practicals for his own satisfaction.

It was a time for betrayal, but the that went against himself. The 'prasad' of Engineering was given. The chap failed in his favorite dish, failed to please his bosses, stood aloof, out of the crowd as an angry, disgusting student who's sole job in life became not to do classes. I really till date do not understand that can marks equal knowledge. It would be arrogant to say but one who's never cooked can never know what are spices!

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