Saturday, November 1, 2008

Part 8

'A taste of Metal and Semiconductor'

Dog wasn't all that I had been. I was also good at something else, something that i had always thought of doing, to live and just this! But what is it? is still unknown to me. Dreams, likings, disliking, perceptions, imaginations and ambitions change with the flow of time. However 'Metal and Semiconductor' have been the most important ingredients of my dishes!

Other than being philosophical if someone asks me, what do you think drives the world today? I would say 'technology'. but yes this is quiet a modest answer from an Electronics & Communication Engineer like me. I proudly say its the electronics that drives the world today. Whatever you have today is either automatic or produced automatically and here's where my favorite cuisine comes at service.

And my kitchen started in first semester itself. Robotics! quite a big name and much bigger game was the only aim for us in first years of college life. The two of us(DOGs!) were now working day and night to build our first robot for a competition. Man it was awesome, strong and swift, the only problem being I had never been able to control it. Wasting whole day long, looking for wastes on the roads that could act as some imp part in out masterpiece of that time was the most hectic job! But it paid! I became notorious for bunking classes. And I nearly blew the whole power system of hostel to build one for my project. Thanks to those bunch of handful 'Good' seniors who cared for new talents and helped us build our 'first'.

I had never been to such competitions before, being the only few from your college or school. It was great, everyone was wishing us for our victory. The only first year group to participate that year was an awesome feeling.

I really tried to build a good power supply, but blew 3 in the course, however doggy's control enabled us to win one and only match. Thereafter we went to other competitions too but some how it didn't worked out.

I really miss those good old days when it was just me, doggy and our machines. One big happy family. It was he who showed me the way to this kitchen and moved himself away to some other cuisine much away from metals. Well I'm not angry or disheartened but still "for the motor to run, the dog must sleep!"


  1. grt writing skills....
    ye to pta hi nahi tha ki tu writing bhi itni achi kart hai...
    mujhe to lagta tha ki electronic circuit and software writing me hi mahir hai....
    chal badiya hai ...
    keep it up......

  2. thanks a lot dude! appreciation appreciated! :)

  3. nice 1 moods!made me a bit nostalgic reading dis. well koi nahi jab bhi motor nahi chal rahi ho bata dena main so jaunga :).n d thing dat i got knwing ur metals(kabhi samajh nahi aaya :)) is a frnd for life .

  4. gr8 going mote...:)
    tu to author ban gaya bidu.....:D


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