Monday, November 10, 2008

Part 10

Bon Voyage!!

'Hey it worked it worked! the motor is finally running!', chorus.
'Let me try my hand at that. Hey increase the counts, this has to be faster!'
Suddenly every one is called into the room and inquire about how the motor worked?
But what about the sensors? they were working during the night, why not in the day?
Sh**t man the motor stopped again! But why? Oh! the doggy woke up.

These were how our winter breaks in the second year passed! Working whole night and building, what we called it our 'mighty mouse' was the latest robot we were working on. After all we were the first and the youngest group of students from our college preparing for Micromouse competition held at IIT, Pawai each year. It was the greatest and the larger than life feeling. I also remember ho i convinced one of my dear friend 'Champ*' to go to the competition. Its hell of a job to put something in his mind, of something he is prepared not to do.

It was a month of night outs! those 20 days we prepared our 'Robots', The night we spent at the railway station , waiting for our trains. And how someone from us was caught doing something, not allowed in the trains and fined for it! It was all fun. What is also important is that we did everything else other than participating at the Techfest!

But what is most important is that I found a few more friends for life. I was though acquainted with them, but kind of somehow liked a few friends I have today. Simple reason, Few of these were Toppers! But lately I realised, toppers are after all human beings! and should be forgiven for studying so much. Man this wasn't just anydish. I was served with many friendships! And one of the most important that any one of us would agree was 'Hitler!!!', hail bogambo, ya kuch bhi kehlo. The only friend I got who was as crazy for food as I am. And the only girl I met in life who could beat the Sh*t out of anyone's @$$!

This whole trip thing had a few good and many BAD impacts on my reputation. I became more of notoriously famous in college. That was cool! I liked that. Teachers used to hate me now! Girls would fear me, as many of my friends have told! Ah all that brought so much of satisfaction to my heart, that I got another prasad!

After all you need to pay to be famous!!

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  1. mote...gr8 going.
    really, u r gettin better with each post...

    much more literary sort of.....kip it up.


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