Thursday, November 13, 2008

Part 12

The Classical Parle Gs & the Hakuna Matata Life!!

It was high time now. Chotu has started scolding me for not studying and seeing me so not at all serious towards my Maths Re-exam. Well that how sometimes studious but dear friends will irritate you. After all they want to help screwed people like us. Fine. Period!

So this is how I met this person. Chotu constantly pushed me saying " Just see, even he's studying. What's the problem with you? Want a back again?" And so on and so for. Now this 'he' should have a name to call with. Lets call him 'Timon'. That should work, both for us and Timon. And so it began. I was finally studying during the nights with Timon, and this guy was much prepared than I was. Both with subject and our night arsenals. Yes giving a back paper is like Fighting back to your enemy. Its like grabbing his F***ing neck and saying to him, "We are going to come back and beat the sh*t out of your @$". I know I'm writing dirty now. But can't help it. These words can atleast express our 5% feelings on to this virtual paper from google!

Now Timon would keep those Classical Parle Gs during the night for me just like Timon would keep insects for Pumba in Hakuna Matata Life! And we studied hard till we finally screwed our enemy!!

It was a start of new friendship! Hakuna Matata Friendship. Another group of goofs! But we like it. It was Fun that mattered after all. We were parter in crimes, acting out wierd movie dialoges and never ending 'Simbas'. And remember the 'folk' I mentioned in my third post. The one who didn't let me watch the free movie! We call him 'S*S*'. Yeah a dirty name, but he's fine with it. And me, Timon and S* have been a F***ing Tripod.

You would now say what a dirty post. But this is all about the dirty ones. Hakauna Matata has always been about being dirty , filty but feeling richy!

Infact its about 'Have't eaten anything since morning' & 'Look into my eyes'!!

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