Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Part 11

Bitten by Politics!

I wonder how politics enter student life. And this is one instance that reminds me of one big game that our seniors in college played with us. It was Saturday and we had our exam on Monday. Every one the hostel ready with their syllabus, but not in much mood to give exam. Suddenly we hear in chorus "Exam has been postponed! No studies now! hurray!"

A small lie from our seniors and no one prepared further. What came into light later in the night next day was there's a strike against the college management as few of the senior students have been suspended from college on behalf of creating nuisance in college. Well we reached the college, but not to give exam, but now to postpone it for ourselves. As it was our need not to give it because no one was prepared!

Late till 8 in the evening till the police came in, we poor freshers were shouting for our "Politically Correct" seniors. And as icing on the cake, it were we who later got caught in this stupid action of disrespect to the college. The worthy seniors had absconded from scene and were nowhere to be seen except the monthly dinner party thrown in our hostel mess.

This was the day how I learned my first lesson of politics and saw it creeping into student life.

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