Saturday, October 18, 2008


I think i should right more now!!

Ahaham!! well an year later i wasn't dog any more. The real dog was well recognized so far and still treated the same way..heheh..

But much before it all happened i found my college room mates. At least an year before i joined JSS!! its all destiny. We were those who were not ready to go to same IITs even. Big Dreams u see. It all started in kota. A young fellow with big dreams of getting into the most prestigious college of our nation decides to take a drop and reaches 'Kota' for IIT coaching.But much before joining any institution there, finds a childish looking (not anymore) chap. A time when a physics freak meets a Chemistry mugger. I personally call these chemists mugger because I never understood chemistry myself, no offenses though. And a month later we were room mates studying in the same coaching. But this wasn't all. The group from Jhansi, total freaks man!! and yes, my third roomate, one of them. The story that started eating 'poya and cuts', from room no 11 and 8, had reached room no. 34 now.

And here I was in room No. '34' with broken ligaments and shattered dreams serving our "DEVIL","Furious","Humiliating","annoying" seniors. Yeah But i found few Gems too. Though they too were hidden till ragging got over. Still nice memories. Ask Anyone of us, u'll always find funny and undisclosablier funnier moments from that period.

And soon only, i became what i would call or my old friends would call a complete conjugate of me!

Anyways, after being confined to just my room and those "Padhai pe se Wishwas uthadene wali" Classes it was time to meet neighbours. Another (type cast OPP.) lovely friend of mine was in room just opp to mine. He had a hobby in first year. He used to collect Polythene Bags. Each nite, as dirty as possible. Well if you wanna know then surely look for the "bones"!!

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