Saturday, October 18, 2008

Part 3

Friendship is a Destined Gift of Life!!

and this third post says it again...Another bloody night, a young innocent first year student running and hiding away from seniors and their long assignment, takes the way away from hostel into the unknown. Well it was a picture hall (PVR khoda as we call it), but surely it wasn't worth going for the first time, and the chap comes back. Still confused about how to save his @$$.

Another try out of hostel and gets his another beautiful friend for life. I don't know why, but its like this always, I've always found my good friends to be really irritating at first. It was first time i was going movie 11:00 pm show.
How would u feel if u had to watch a movie@Rs 150 instead of getting it for free!! And it happened, just because of this folk. Well we watched the movie, liked it and returned back hostel almost 4:40 am. And guess what??? Polythene man was working out the assignments in my room..
Its not that I don't care for this friend of mine(my neighbor), "How can I??" I still don't heheh!!


  1. Gr8 going man.
    U knw, u cn go on this 2 create anothr "CHETAN BHAGAT"...
    But sry mate..though u r going really gr8 guns, ur subject is such dat i really cant join u rit nw...
    BUt i promise, d day u cm 2 sumthin where i cn join u, u dont even hav 2 ask 4 it...

  2. thanks man!!!

    will surely look ahead.. but yes its still al ong way to go


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