Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mutts, UnderDogs and the Alpha Dogs..

All are different categories of Dogs putting light on different phases of Human life, or even different people. Whatever the case be, the word 'dog' matters and whatever I said earlier may or may not be related to what I'm going to pen down further.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. its hard to understand my writing at first as I'm kind of underdog in this sense of creative writing.

The word Dog started it all! The biggest and Larger than Life Years of our life. The college days. Dog was the first thing my best friends noticed in me in college. I mean my ability to make out Animal voice, and Barking was something i was best at. This is how i made first best friend at college. And need less to tell you we were preparing for a skit for our freshers' party. Old funny stupid days..
Part 1 ends..
that's all for today folks.. do tell me how u like it.

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