Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Part 7

As cool as Cucumber!

Food is great! And its better while hanging out at the same place for over 3 years at the time and .... same goofs! Sitting idle, doing nothing[studying! :( ] is hell lot of a job, and this, I learned from these guys. Also one thing that irritated me a lot was walking slow. Though I don't walk very fast either but these were caterpillars. They could cover 100m in over 1 hr! Impressive is'nt it?

I really don't remember when i became one of them, (remember my noodle plate theory? Of course It's mine! what do think?). Another eminent personality of our group is 'Andhi'. Well I call her this JLT. No reason! To be true she is the coolest girl I've ever met. Its' really hard to find people in present days who don't bother much for the future and live their present immaculately. And I met 2 such guys. Very hard working but not at all self-decisive. Weird but cool! And this girl would simply put her 100% in whatever her mamma says, but still not a mama's girl! And the other chap is actually a 'Champ*', but will discuss him in detail later on.

So we were a group of 4 in the begining, but however two of us(me and psycho) were always busy in some or the other technical stuffs. Food had always been sponsored by DJ K as he was the only locale amongst us. And truly his mother cooks delicius food.

Talking of weird about these guys is not unusual for me. Just imagine, can someone study in a food court? yes they did and for hours. McDonald and Pizza hut are earning so much just because of people like her!

Never thought earlier that potatoes can make someone 'as cool as cucumber'. Cool scene hai Yaar!


  1. finally m dere...gr8 work...lage rho...its really gr8 fun to remember d coll lyf...

  2. grt work man !!!
    jayada boloonga toh bologe ki bolta hai!!
    par shayad woh jindgi ke sabse aache din they!!!
    keep up the good work!!


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