Thursday, October 23, 2008

Part 6

The Unknown Recipe !

Day dreaming is one thing that everyone does, and is sometimes the best of all worlds! I too dream a lot. Be it of cars, money, or technology!! Yes I do it a lot. Thinking of new projects and all freaky stuffs. And all in this I met a guy who would actually share those weird ideas with me.

I really don't know if the above mentioned title will suit this post further but, as difficult for anyone is to understand this chap, so would be the recipe of our friendship!

Certainly, life is a box of chocolates, but who knew I'll find different flavors in my neighborhood itself. Psycho as i call him, because he's too good at analyzing stuff and people. Man his head runs all day long like a horse! and when sometimes this horse rests for food and water you get to see his heart. But all these horse stuff came really late, the most important were certainly the late night talks about 'Technology', yeah my favorite topic.

We still discuss a lot of weird stuff together, but now even I've started galloping my horses. The harder i think of not thinking, the more my thought process holds me longer and harder.


  1. khande babu ki tareef ho rahi hai kya????
    bhai sambhal k..itni tareef nahi jhel payega wo..

  2. nahi pallav ye khande ki nahi hai..psycho bas ek hi tha n ek hi rahega...:P


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