Monday, October 20, 2008

Part 5

A plate of noodles called 'friendship'

After these few mentioned memories, most of my friendships have been noodles for me. No starting no ending, but tasteful. Rolled over the endless chopsticks of time.

Ragging was over, hair grown a bit on our head shined like a crown(for us at least). We were free now, not almost, but yes, no more restricted clothing, and loads of fun. Music was something I was not very familiar with. I mean I wasn't that fond of music, that I'm today. However I got the first music system on my floor, in my hostel building. Not a very expensive one. I always do it this way. It was one of my old VCD player, that could only play Audio CDs now, and no MP3s. So there at home I was burning CDs like anything, and preparing long lists of songs. Speakers from my old PC and the VCD player put together formed the best thing I could have got in my first sem.

I don't remember if there were these many reasons to celebrate or parties but we just danced anytime! All you had to do was listen some music coming from some room, and start dancing. The no of students far exceeding the holding capacity of room. Everyone was a DJ. And my CD player suffered a lot for this. Hiting it while playing used to bring some 'DJ' effects. It's still functioning but no more DJs!! :(

And amongst these DJs was one of my another very good friend. DJ 'K' should be just fine to address him here. Another Skeleton from our gang of Macho!! ehehheh . he was one who knew more about my belongings in hostel more than me, at least in the first year! But this was not all, till date in our all the parties this guy still keeps vigilance over our 'out & u know!!" friends.

And in all these 4 1/2 years of friendship I do not remember the starting, but yes the noodles were surely tasty and filling!!!


  1. nt kidding man...
    u'll giv chetan bhagat a run 4 money..kip it up.

  2. gud one dude.itne din se padh raha tha n ye soch raha tha ki mera num kab aaega.he he he.


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