Monday, October 20, 2008

Part 4

Life is full of surprises!

The chap is escaping now. Who would anyways stay in the hostel on Saturdays and Sundays. Gets everything needed in his college bag, doesn't even cares to come back to room after college and moves toward the Bus stop. But hey, I was hungry, didn't even had lunch because of those @$$&@!# seniors. And to be true, I kind of need food to kill my anger more than my hunger!

It was tot mall, nearest to my college to eat good and may be away from the eyes of vultures. Not a very big hangout in our vicinity but yes, quite an important one. You certainly can have some good time with your friends here.

Surprisingly it was time for an old acquaintance to be friends. And the chap was not surprised, he was shocked!! What the hell? Is she...? ..but...why here??? well don't looks like from my batch. Is she senior here? Yeah must me, she is not even carrying those oily pony tails and tri-colour salwar kurta. Definitely not a first year.

The chap so taken aback from the system and his heart full of hatred for seniors, didn't care for meeting his old friend and thinks, what if she'll too 'rag' you. Awe full ? yeah but this is what I was! An idiot. But its OK. College life teaches you a lot. And the DOG plays in. Remember the 'skit' i wrote earlier about, she sees it and yes we are good friends now!!

Its not that I always hate my seniors or I abuse them in hiding, but whenever I remember those months I just can't help it much. It's always the hatred that carries more weight than good in notions. Its but, human!!!


  1. going on well...n as u r moving the language is also becoming more literature sort of......good going doood...carry on!!!......i think should i try my skills????

  2. oh! I appreciate!
    yes You definitely should try your hand at it.


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